Massage Therapy is great for relaxing tight muscles, reducing stress and increasing blood flow throughout the body. Our skilled massage therapists promote a relaxing professional atmosphere for optimal stress relieving benefits. Massage therapy is the manipulation of the bodies soft tissue. Our treatments act on the muscular, nervous and circular systems by applying, moving, or holding pressure at specific points on the body.

Regular treatments have many benefits other than general relaxation. Some examples are the reduction of headaches, depression and anxiety. Massage therapy may even promote faster healing of pulled muscles and sprained ligaments, relieve constipation, and can encourage deep, easier breathing.

Before your appointment we will discuss your health goals, setting a plan to optimize your healing and treatment. Contact our friendly team at Mountain Valley Wellness to book your next appointment. 

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Massage Therapy Services

Swedish  – Our most popular massage. Great for relaxation, easing muscle tension and decreasing soreness and pain.

Cranial-Sacral – A gentle, hands on massage working with the spine, pelvis and skull. Great for energy balancing and relaxation.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue  – A deeper massage designed to relieve severe tension and muscle stress. Also effective at relieving chronic pain.

Sports Therapy – Helps to promote flexibility, decreases stress and to prevent injury. Specific technique for muscle and tendon balancing with isolated focus on weakened or injured areas.

How Much Does an Appointment Cost?

At Mountain Valley Wellness we care about your overall health. That’s why all our massage treatments are generally priced allowing you to choose the right treatment for you without consideration of your wallet.

$55 for 30 min

$75 for 60 min

$105 for 90 min


Get $10 off your massage treatment when you book a chiropractic adjustment on the same visit!