Born and raised in San Clemente, California, Dr. Jeff Matson has developed a dynamic background
in pain management and chiropractic therapies. Since earning his bachelor’s degree in
kinesiology at CSU Monterey Bay, Dr. Matson’s professional experience has broadened over a
decade ranging from personal training, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic sports medicine.
Since graduating as Doctor at Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Matson commits to the best
evidence and approach towards human performance, injury prevention, and improved health
quality. Upon relocating to Utah with his wife, Kristine, he is honored to provide exceptional
chiropractic care for our beautiful community surrounding Draper, Utah.

Dr. Jeff Matson 1

Dr. Matson is trusted in delivering adjustment-centered care for effective pain relief and lasting health.
His approach is to emanate the ideal chiropractic lifestyle that is sustainable by taking incremental steps
to access true health. Newly established at Mountain Valley Injury and Rehab, Dr. Matson is able to
cultivate a comfortable environment where patients feel open to express pertinent health concerns
outside of a typical hospital setting. He will take the time to listen to your health challenges and be
thorough to offer his best recommendations and strategy to accomplish pertinent health goals.

Dr. Matson is an avid mountain biker. If he’s not in the office with his patients he makes a weekly
commitment to explore Utah’s finest trails surrounding our beautiful Draper and SLC region. He has
grown passionate for the outdoors including surfing since being born and raised in San Clemente, California.
Relocating to Utah with his wife, Kristine, his family is grateful and blessed for the peacefulness that our
local mountains have to offer.