Infrared therapy

P.E.M.F and Infrared Therapy Services In Draper, Salt Lake City

Your body gets stressed, worn down, and weakened over time through natural wear and tear; this is common knowledge. But did you know that this same concept applies to the molecular level as well? Your cells – over time – become fatigued and damaged due to age, injuries, and other impairments. 

In such a condition, it becomes difficult for them to protect you against additional injuries or even illnesses. 

With this being the case, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent this predicament from occurring. The answer lies in…

P.E.M.F. Therapy 

Now, the next obvious question on your mind is likely to be: what is P.E.M.F. therapy? An acronym for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, it is a form of treatment that essentially acts as a recuperation method for damaged and fatigued cells.  

It works by introducing pulsed waves to the cells; reinvigorating them and returning them to a state of equilibrium. It’s at this point that the restored cells’ vitality is reawakened and bolstered to where they can repair and restore the body’s health to an optimum level.  

But P.E.M.F. Therapy isn’t the only aid available. There is also… 

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy is utilized in unison with P.E.M.F., Infrared therapy is a light treatment method used to reenergize enervated cells within the body. It’s both safe and effective for bolstering circulation, reducing sensitivity and inflammation, as well as expediting the healing process.  

How Can P.E.M.F. and Infrared Therapy Help You?

Rest & Respite

When your cells are energized and operating at the appropriate level, it’s easier for them to relax. For this reason, it becomes easier for you too, to rest and relax. This makes respite more enjoyable in addition to improving sleep quality. 

Brain Activity & Concentration 

P.E.M.F. and Infrared therapy help the brain to operate optimally. This then leads to stronger and more acute concentration levels as well as better synaptic connectivity

Pain Relief & Recovery

When properly utilized, these therapy variations assist your body with the restoration of damaged or impaired cells. As a result, chronic pain is alleviated and the recovery process is accelerated. 

Vitality & the Metabolic Process

Once your cells are functioning at an optimal level, you will have increased energy in your day-to-day living as well as overall improved body functionality. 

Strengthened Immune System

When these therapy methods are administered, your body will experience an influx of white blood cells. This will then result in a bolstered immune system, which of course means a stronger defence against illnesses and infections. 

Improved Bone & Joint Health

Among the myriad of advantages of P.E.M.F. and Infrared therapy is the added benefit of bone and joint health. You will experience a general enhancement of dexterity and functionality within these parts of your body.

Performance & Recuperation

When your cells are healthy, energized, and thriving, they will naturally be better at strengthening your performance in all that you do, in addition to healing and repairing your body in damaged or compromised areas.

Enhanced Blood Flow

Another benefit you can expect to see is the enhancement of blood circulation within your system. P.E.M.F. especially is effective in enlarging blood vessels, and as a result, impacting the texture and flow of blood.