5 key reasons orthotics benefits your entire body

You might currently be seeing an orthopedist due to chronic foot pain, but did you know orthotics can benefit your entire body? Before going into detail on how orthotics can benefit you, here is some information about custom orthotics in Draper UT and flat foot orthotics in Taylorsville.

  • Custom Orthotics – Customized orthotics allow your orthopedist to provide you with insoles or shoes that perfectly adapt to your feet. These devices can help you if you suffer from imbalanced, exaggerated rolling or pain in your feet.
  • Flat Foot Orthotics – Flat feet, known medically as planus, is a condition where the arch of your foot comes too close or in complete contact with the ground. This condition is treatable with flat foot orthotics by focusing on this specific part of your foot. Orthotic supports might be used to alter the structure of your foot.

Now, for the benefits…

1. Greater Energy

After several orthotics treatments, you might notice you have more energy. This burst of energy comes from your ability to keep to a more secure, level posture when moving. Before using orthotics, you may find it painful to stay on your feet for long periods. Pain caused by poor posture could transfer to your knees, hips, and lower back. This pain may be a result of an imbalance of your feet. Orthotics support the arches in your feet to correct the issues causing you pain and discomfort, allowing you to move more easily or feel better when just standing still.

Custom orthotics in Draper UT can greatly benefit you if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Many athletes, police officers, and retail clerks are subject to foot issues as a result of their occupation.

2. Sleep Better

In addition to the above-mentioned benefit, when you have greater energy, you sleep better. Orthotics can help you get a better night’s rest because there is less pressure on your body due to improved alignment and balance.

Active days and well-rested nights… sounds blissful so why not visit an orthopedist to see if you can improve your sleep pattern?

3. Improved Posture

You might have flat feet, resulting in your feet rolling too far inward or outward. This exaggerated movement puts extra pressure on your feet causing you pain. With custom-made orthotics, not only will the pain dissipate but your posture will improve.

Flat foot orthotics in Taylorsville can help improve your confidence, allow you to stand strong, and experience relief from the nagging ache in your feet.

4. Prevents Further Injuries

Have you received a sports injury and now feel pain in your ankle? Orthotics can help you prevent further discomfort and prevent other injuries by keeping your body evenly distributed and supporting the different zones of your foot.

5. Healthier

Are you looking for ways to achieve a healthier mind and body? Orthotics can help improve your mental and physical well-being. Foot problems can cause issues with the rest of your body since your skeleton is all connected. Diabetes and arthritis are associated with foot problems and custom orthotics can help reduce pressure and redistribute it to other parts of your feet. Keeping your feet healthy can help you avoid other negative issues and may even prevent the need for surgery.

Living healthy begins with caring for your feet with custom orthotics.