Helen brings years of Foot Zoning experience, coupled with Functional Nutrition training to help bring clients through often misunderstood and complex health issues while focusing on getting to the root “causes” of dis-ease.
Foot Zoning allows an experienced practitioner to read the body through the energy signals on the feet while simultaneously triggering these pathways towards higher function and overall balance.
Foot Zoning can improve immune function, stress management, healthy detoxification, fertility and hormone balance, mental and emotional health, headache/migraine relief, vertigo, digestion and more.

Helen is passionate about helping people feel and get better through natural modalities, recognizing the body’s innate ability to heal and renew itself when given the right environment.

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She studied through Dr. Jennifer Mercier in 2021 and certified as a Mercier practitioner and fertility counselor, currently serving the women in her area with this wonderful modality. Mercier Therapy has helped thousands of women who have struggled with fertility or hormone imbalances to conceive healthy babies. Mercier Therapy has proven very effective for women preparing for IVF or other types of medically assisted fertility efforts to support and prepare the female organs for optimal results, providing a natural and non-invasive massage technique to encourage ideal blood flow and hormone communication within the body.