Dr. John Olsen grew up right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a child, using vitamins, herbs, homeopathies and natural cures for ailments was a normal way of life in his family. The experiences of treating sickness through natural remedies inspired Dr. Olsen to learn about the innate healing ability of our bodies.

He attended the University of Utah were he completed his undergraduate schooling before attending the University of Western States (UWS) in Portland, Oregon. After completing his four years of graduate school he received both his bachelor’s degree in human biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2009.

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Dr. Olsen received a very thorough education during his time at the UWS. He was trained to not only deliver skillful chiropractic adjustments but to be a primary care physician. To be an effective primary care physician he was trained how to diagnose disease and conditions using detailed physical exams, blood work, orthopedic and neurologic testing, nutritional analysis, etc.

Dr. Olsen also received additional training in the sports medicine field to better assist athletes in healing and improving their bodies. Having a very integrated philosophy, Dr. Olsen loves to work with other health care providers in order to give the best quality of care to his patients. His primary goal is to help patients alleviate their conditions by getting to the foundational cause of the disease and not just “manage” it.

His goal is to help patients learn “preventative” health care through nutrition, exercise, healthy spinal care and finding a balance in life. To provide patients with the best quality of care Dr. Olsen is consistently involved in continuing education. He has attended many seminars on car accidents and whiplash care, rehabilitation of shoulder and knee injuries, nutrition, hormone imbalances etc. Dr. Olsen also loves to incorporate acupuncture for the treatment of a variety of conditions which can be seen on our acupuncture page.

For fun, Dr. Olsen loves to stay active by playing sports, weightlifting, hiking and skiing in our beautiful mountains. He has 3 amazing children who make sure to keep him busy in his free time.

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