Dr. Brandon Slaugh is a sports medicine and family chiropractor from Murray, Utah. He grew up a swimmer and played water polo for Murray High. Shortly after swam and then transitioned into water polo while studying civil engineering at the University of Utah. Brandon then got into strength sports like powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman, and CrossFit down in Southern California while studying chiropractic.

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At the Southern California University of Health Sciences, previously the Los Angeles Chiropractic College, he found he was in an environment that taught him not only chiropractic, but lifestyle management such as physical therapy/personal training, diet and nutrition, soft tissue manipulation styles such as scraping, cross friction, or pin and stretch, as well as integration with other medicines such as acupuncture, naturopathy, and western medicine.


Dr. Brandon Slaugh worked mostly in sports medicine practice and helping repetitive use injuries with soft tissue manipulation and chiropractic manipulation with the University of Irvine, as well as in businesses like casinos and supermarkets. Brandon then moved up to Seattle and practiced family medicine in the area. After Brandon and his loyal dog Apollo got tired of the consistent rain, he decided to return home to the mountains of Salt Lake City.